Medisys Insurance Medical Services Re-brands Itself as MedAxio

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TORONTO, April 13 /CNW/ - Medisys Insurance Medical Services LP, one of Canada's leading national providers of insurance medical services to life insurance companies and financial institutions, announced today that it has re-branded itself.  As of April 27, 2011, Medisys Insurance Medical Services LP will operate under its new name, MedAxio Insurance Medical Services.

"We and the other operating companies that form Medisys Health Group have recently become focused solely on our respective core businesses to better meet our customers' needs. To continue to advance our service offerings with the evolving business requirements and objectives of our customers, we have chosen to re-brand Medisys Insurance Medical Services LP. As MedAxio, we continue to align our corporate mission, vision and values with the best interests of our customers, employees and investors," said Shari Gottschalk, President of MedAxio. "The key element of our new name is derived from the Greek word 'axio', meaning 'merit' and 'self-pride' to emphasize the value that our medical services bring to our clients.   Our new name, look and refreshed perspective  reflect our unwavering focus on providing to our clients the highest quality of medical underwriting information and services in the most efficient and expeditious manner possible."

The website will officially launch April 27, 2011, providing access to our online Express Paramedical ordering system. The system will be adapted to reflect our new branded identity with minimal changes to navigation and functionality.

About MedAxio Insurance Medical Services

Combining innovative technology with superior medical expertise, best-in-class service and a national presence, MedAxio Insurance Medical Services has been serving the Canadian life insurance industry for over 20 years. Delivering the best information seamlessly, MedAxio reduces application-to-policy time and improves policy placement ratios. Offering extended hours and multilingual capabilities, our team's commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in our position of market leadership.

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