CNPV Solar Power Enters North American Market

LUXEMBOURG and DONGYING, China, Oct. 4 /CNW/ -- CNPV Solar Power SA, a public limited liability company organized under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, today announced that it has achieved the industry standard UL (US) and C-UL (Canada) certifications for its premium range of crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic modules. The UL certification is an important milestone that opens the North American Market for CNPV. Now with the UL certification a California Energy Commission (CEC) listing is imminent.

"The UL certification confirms CNPV's crystalline solar photovoltaic module design and manufacturing processes adhere to the CEC's stringent requirements for functional, mechanical and safety capabilities to ensure long-term performance in open air environments. The certification further validates our improvements in manufacturing standards and process efficiencies as well as our commitment to superior operating performance, safety and stability," said B. Veerraju Chaudary, COO & CTO of CNPV. "We look forward to working closely with UL and other international testing organizations as we continue to enhance our research and development efforts for both new products and new product features to meet our growing customer requirements."

With high aspirations for this market; with strong local government support, the Company is planning to open new sales offices in both California and Canada. Our premium range modules offer 8% more efficiency at STC than other UL certified suppliers, and its premium module series features large area, high-efficiency mono crystalline silicon solar cells with anti-reflection coated glass and high conductivity interconnected materials. The larger diameter (200mm) of the cells compared to the standard (195mm) with their high conversion efficiencies (17.5%) outperforms the industry average by 8%, which translates to a module efficiency of 15.50%+. The enhanced anti-reflection coated glass ensures 94% transmittance at STC levels and provides an additional 3% performance at field level installations. The net effect is increased power without increasing surface area required for installation. Based on these advantages we believe we are poised to compete very aggressively in the growth the North American solar market.

Mr. Zhang Shunfu, CEO and B. Veerraju Chaudary, COO & CTO of CNPV jointly stated, "The UL approval was timed strategically to enter the market at the right time within our growth curve. Further approval is imminent for the 60 cell range. Additionally, at the request of our customers, CNPV's solar modules will be listed under the California Energy Commission (CEC) guidelines and subsequently become 'eligible photovoltaic modules' under the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program for state backed incentives. It further demonstrates our commitment to a market driven strategy and the ability of the implementation of our technology to lead in this exciting market."

CNPV and their North American partners believe in helping customers and end users navigate their way through the myriad of choices on offer in the solar photovoltaic market. To this end, they have selected suitable products that will cover the majority of installation needs, with power outputs of 195 to 305 watts per module.

Module                                                          Industry
     Configuration           CNPV Power         CNPV Module         Standard
                            Output/Watts          Efficiency %
    72cell 125mm                195/200/205     15.0 to 16.0      13.5 to 14.5
    60cell 156mm                245/250/255     15.0 to 16.0      13.5 to 14.5
    72cell 156mm                295/300/305     15.0 to 16.0      13.5 to 14.5

CNPV's competitive advantages include leadership in client support, long term warranties backed by third party insurance, and the highest return on capital invested in PV solar modules. This unique combination of features allows the client product specification process to be effortless.

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B. Veerraju Chaudary, COO, CTO & Member of the Board
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