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The Canadian Auto Workers' union is the largest private sector union in Canada with over 200,000 members from coast to coast.

Since the CAW's founding convention in 1985 the CAW has continued to grow through organizing and mergers with other unions into a diverse and progressive organization representing workers throughout virtually every sector of the Canadian economy.

CAW members work in aerospace, mining, fishing, auto and specialty vehicle assembly, auto parts, hotels, airlines, rail, education, hospitality, retail, road transportation, health care, manufacturing, shipbuilding and other sectors of the economy.

The CAW is not only dedicated to fighting for workers rights at the bargaining table, it's equally committed to taking on economic, political and social issues that affect its members and their families in the broader community.


John McClyment
National Representative, Communications Department
Tel: 416-315-3202

Shannon Devine
Director Of Communications
Tel: 416-302-1699

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