Wind turbine Sufferers back

WELLINGTON, ON, June 6, 2014 /CNW/ - Prince Edward County, one of Ontario's most beautiful go-to tourist destinations and home to one of the largest bird migration paths in the Province, is threatened by destructive industrial wind turbines.

  • Almost 400 hundred County business and property owners recently decided that they may take appropriate action if construction of industrial wind turbine factories occurs and reduces the value of property and the value of tourist dependent businesses, including the all-important hospitality and winery sectors.

  • People similarly affected in other parts of the Province threatened by or already coping with industrial wind turbine factories have been invited to consider the same appropriate action.

  • People concerned may refer to the Expropriations Act for more information.

This initiative was implemented by CCSAGE NATURALLY GREEN, a not-for-profit corporation of volunteer members, which deplores the potential violation of one of Ontario's most beautiful areas, the complete lack of democratic principles in the Green Energy Act and the wilful destruction of the rights of municipal councils to determine all-important local issues of this nature.


For further information:

Garth Manning
Prince Edward County.
Wellington, ON