MEDIA ADVISORY - Students and workers boycott uOttawa financial consultations

OTTAWA, Feb. 10, 2014 /CNW/ - Student and labour groups at the University of Ottawa will be boycotting the ongoing financial consultations orchestrated by the central administration citing lack of transparency and good faith from uOttawa president Allan Rock and his entourage.

"There is nothing consultative about this process," said Seamus Wolfe from the Graduate Student Association (GSAÉD). "It is a public relations exercise to distract and demoralize campus players in a show of faux democracy."

In recent years, student and labour groups have presented thorough research and recommendations at similar consultations only to have their concerns ignored and dismissed.

"Days of research aren't even included in the footnotes of the final presentation." stated Isabelle Hétu of the Union of Student Workers (CUPE 2626), "The University's financial decisions are pre-determined by the corporate-backed Administration. Teachers, workers and students who make up the entirety of the University community are tossed aside. We need a complete restructuring of how decisions are made on our campuses."

A list of recommendations on the finances and democratic processes of the University are available for consultation at 

SOURCE uOttawa Intersyndicale

For further information:

Isabelle Hétu (CUPE 2626) at 613.661.2437 or Seamus Wolfe (GSAÉD) at 613.600.3469