Toronto's Chattering Elites and Scarborough's Transit Victims

By David Hardy, Hardy Stevenson and Associates Limited

TORONTO, Jan. 31, 2014 /CNW/ - As a multi-disciplinary consultancy focused on advancing responsible growth through social science, technical expertise and practical experience, we've posted this article on how Toronto's ongoing transit decision may be denying social justice for Scarborough's working poor.

It highlights how Toronto's councillors of wealthy wards and their chattering elite supporters cite the flawed Neptis Foundation's report showing that subways are not appropriate for Scarborough. This report failed to analyze the social costs and benefits to Scarborough's working poor and multicultural community. As an alternative, we outline why and how assessing socio-economic impacts would have created a better life for residents of Danzig Street, Ward 44 and all of Scarborough.

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