Reformulary Group and The Co-operators announce strategic alliance to help employers get better value from their drug plans

TORONTO, Jan. 13, 2014 /CNW/ - Canadian employers are facing steadily rising drug costs in their health benefit programs. They are looking for solutions to get better value from their drug plans, without jeopardizing health outcomes and offloading costs to employees.

To achieve these objectives, Co-operators Life Insurance Company has signed a strategic alliance agreement with the Reformulary Group. Now, employees whose health benefit plans are covered by The Co-operators are eligible to join the nearly 45,000 Canadians who have their drug plans powered by the Reformulary™.

Reformulary Group offers concrete action to ensure that employer drug plans remain sustainable. Employers implementing the Reformulary have achieved unprecedented savings through the lowering of drug spend by 10% to 16%. Many of these employers choose to re-invest these savings into their drug plan or improve employee benefits.

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