Medical school interview preparation services now offered nationally by BeMo Academic Consulting

TORONTO, Dec. 18, 2013 /CNW/ - As medical school admissions become more competitive in Canada, it has become extremely challenging to prepare for each step of the medical school admissions process: From writing unique and compelling medical school personal statements and autobiographical sketches, to preparing for the medical school interview.

BeMo Academic Consulting Inc. claims to have created an evidence-based medical school interview preparation strategy that prepares applicants to successfully answer any type of question during their actual interview. This strategy was developed with the aid of their team of researchers including PhD holders and senior medical students.

Today, BeMo announced that they are now offering their medical school interview preparation consultations all over Canada.

BeMo is an academic consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada that helps prospective students with admissions to undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. Aside from providing help with medical school applications, BeMo also specializes in reviewing applications to graduate and other professional schools within North America and Europe.


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