Lassonde Industries Inc.
  • Food

Organization Profile

Lassonde Industries Inc. develops, manufactures and markets an innovative and distinctive line of fruit and vegetable juices and drinks as well as certain specialty food products such as fondue broths and fondue sauces, soups, sauces and gravies, canned corn-on-the-cob, bruschetta toppings, tapenades, pestos and sauces for pasta and pizza. Lassonde Industries Inc. imports selected wines from several countries of origin for packaging and marketing purposes. It also imports and markets olive oil. These products are marketed in various packagings and under several trademarks. Approximately 1,300 employees are currently employed by Lassonde Industries Inc. and contribute to its growth.

Contact Information

Guy Blanchette
Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer
Tel: 450-469-4926