Pure Technologies Ltd.

  • Calgary, Alberta
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  • Construction
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Organization Profile

Pure Technologies is a world leader in the development and application of innovative technologies for inspection, monitoring and management of physical infrastructure. From monitoring the health of large bridges to protecting pipelines, Pure Technologies’ expertise and technologies are being used around the world to help manage deterioration and reduce loss. Since 1998, its SoundPrint® acoustic monitoring systems have been used on some of the world’s largest bridges to identify and locate corrosion so that the long-term integrity of these critical links can be assured. The company’s optical fibre distributed acoustic sensing systems are being used to protect massive water pipelines from San Diego to Libya. And its revolutionary new SmartBall® leak detection system will detect and locate tiny leaks in oil, gas and water pipelines.

Contact Information

Paul Moon
Investor Relations
Tel: 403-266-6794

James E. Paulson
Tel: 403-266-6794

Karen Keebler,
Chief Financial Officer
Tel: 403-266-6794

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