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A Passion For Excellence

On the basis of a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, MaisonBrison designs and delivers result-oriented programs in Investor Relations, with complementary services in Corporate Communications and Marketing.  Since 1983, we have acted as strategic thinkers for the companies we represent.   We enhance their reputation and image, by developing information which fully respects the right of shareholders to corporate transparency.

MaisonBrison’s values are expressed in the credentials, experience and creativity of our in-house team, supported by an elaborate network of expert consultants.  We are the only Canadian IR firm with former financial analysts on staff.  The communications we produce, from press releases and speeches to corporate brochures, annual reports and Websites, answer to the strictest demands of accuracy, accountability, elegance and creativity.  We apply best practices to an extent that far exceeds the norm – a commitment we aim to prove on a daily basis. 

Contact Information

Stéphane Vidal
Vice President Marketing and Communications
Tel: (514) 731-0000

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