AgJunction Inc.

  • Scottsdale, Arizona,
  • Hiawatha, Kansas
  • Agriculture
  • Machinery
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Organization Profile

Hemisphere GPS recently announced a new strategy which would position the Company to focus on technology leadership within the agricultural industry. From this evolution comes a single focus on serving the diverse needs of both producers and agricultural service providers, and a new company name. Welcome to the new AgJunction. While our name is new, our products and services are well known. AgJunction Cloud Services is an established market leader in precision farming data applications, serving millions of acres and many of the largest agricultural retailers in the US with its integrated data management platforms. The Outback product line has set the standard for reliability,accuracy and simplicity in precision guidance and machine control for over 10 years. Our Satloc family of aerial application solutions is the industry leader in precision application products for agricultural pilots and their dealers worldwide. Just imagine, the industry’s leading precision data management platform, combined with the most reliable and easy-to-use guidance and application control systems available on the market today, all seamlessly connected to ensure efficient and accurate decision making in the field. Our industry is truly evolving.

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Cory Pala
Investor Relations
Tel: 416.657.2400

Wes Dittmer
Chief Financial Officer
Tel: (785) 742-5149

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