AgJunction Inc.

  • Scottsdale, Arizona,
  • Hiawatha, Kansas
  • Agriculture
  • Machinery
  • Telecommunications Services

Organization Profile

AgJunction, Inc. provides innovative hardware and software applications for precision agriculture worldwide. The Company holds numerous patents and markets its products and services under leading brand names including Outback Guidance®, Satloc®, and AgJunction® Cloud Services.


AgJunction Cloud Services supports advanced farming practices and enables seamless data connectivity among growers and their agricultural service providers. System users can easily share data from many types of precision agriculture controllers on the market enabling service providers such as fertilizer dealers and agronomists to work directly with growers through the AgJunction platform for seamless data management.


The system streamlines retailer and farm operations with equipment tracking, work order management, data layer management, and comprehensive reporting.


The Company is headquartered in Hiawatha, Kansas, with facilities in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Manitoba and Queensland, Australia. AgJunction is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “AJX” and is one of the TSX Cleantech designated companies. For more information, please go to

Contact Information

Cory Pala
Investor Relations
Tel: 416.657.2400

Wes Dittmer
Chief Financial Officer
Tel: (785) 742-5149