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Aircité Aviation
Founded in 2012 by Ray Courtemanche Jr. and Daniel Proulx, Aircité Aviation's mission is to import to North America industry-leading sporting aircraft. These machines of various sizes, will share one characteristic: state-of-the-art technology and performance in that market segment.

Ray Courtemanche Jr. specializes in the development of major residential projects, and races cars in NASCAR Canada events. Ray Jr. is naturally excited about the Prime project. “I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I love off-the-beaten-path projects. I always kept up with developments in sporting aviation, and could not stay away from the Prime when I first heard about it and about how well it performed.” Daniel Proulx, Ray Jr’s partner at Aircité Aviation, is also passionate about performance, and jumped at this new opportunity. "After I realized the level of quality and the outstanding performance of the machine, I did not need much convincing to join up with Ray Jr. in the project.”

The partners will work with Aviasport Inc, a company based at the Lachute (QC) Airport and whose president, Nicolas Horn, has extensive experience as a pilot and instructor on new-generation light aircraft.

Founded in 2010 by current owner and President Nicolas Horn, Aviasport specialise in the sales and service of light sporting aircraft and in the delivery of training and associated services.

With over ten years and 2300 hours of flight time (1500 in light sport aircraft) in Europe and now North America, Nicolas Horn will act as the key technical resource for the project. ‘’I have been following the development of the Blackshape Prime very closely from the first flights of the prototype. I also met with Blackshape designers and management in 2012 to develop a plan to distribute the Prime in North America.’’ 

This interest by Nicolas led to today’s cooperation with Aircité Aviation to sell the Prime and to support the aircraft that Nicolas considers as “The most sophisticated light sporting aircraft in that segment.’’

Blackshape SpA
Blackshape’s mission is to create and manufacture private aircraft of all sizes using the best possible design, materials and quality, and delivering industry-leading performance, safety and low operating costs, all without compromising on the integrity of the design.

After-sales support and services are key to Blackshape’s approach to its markets. This includes building enthusiasm for light sporting aircraft, and working with its distribution network and with customers to ensure the best possible services, and to maximise owner enjoyment of its products.

Blackshape CF300 Prime
The CF300 Prime remains the only aircraft in the high performance ultra light segment to feature a 100% Carbon Fiber airframe, to optimise stiffness and strengh, safety and low weight. A bespoke advanced software diagnostic module supervises all the major in-flight parameters and produces real-time information in flight as well as post-flight reports on the state and performance of the major systems.

The judicious mix of versatility and sporting characteristics produces a unique flight experience aboard the Prime, especially for those who look for the best of all worlds. This includes those looking for the best sporting experience, the experienced and demanding pilot who enjoys using a precise, sophisticated tool for his pastime, and the businessman looking to increase his productivity by reducing travel delays.  

CF300 Prime  Weight and Distance Specifications
(Information source: Blackshape)

Absolute maximum speed (Vne)

340 km/h

Cruising speed @ 75%

275 km/h

Dry weight

296 kg

Maximum takeoff weight

560 kg

Maximum range in economy mode

1700 km

Excellent low speed manoeuvrability on takeoff and landing, along with a sturdy tricycle landing gear allows the Prime to operate on 150 m. paved or unpaved strips.

Modern modelling, calculation, simulation and manufacturing software tools were used to create the Prime airframe and systems. For example, these tools helped to optimise interior space and carry two passengers of up to 95% percentile comfortably. The ergonomic seats remain comfortable over long distances, and rear seat placement optimises visibility for tandem flying.

The Prime uses the best possible materials and an extensive set of features and standard equipment.  Materials include pre impregnated FAR 25 self-extinguishing carbon fiber, 4130 alloy and 7075 anodised aluminum, and two explosion-resistant 55 liter fuel tanks. Standard equipment includes AESE-approved four-point safety belts, the Blackshape ADM self-diagnostic software, a stall alarm, an integrated ballistic parachute, electrical control of flaps and ailerons, a FAR 25-approved interior cloth material, an analog instrument suite and a Becker AR4201 radio.

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