World Expeditions

  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Organization Profile

World Expeditions is one of the world’s original adventure travel companies. Starting as a Himalayan trekking company in 1975, World Expeditions has earned an outstanding reputation as a world leader in small group trekking and adventure holidays.
Three factors distinguish World Expeditions: the all-inclusive value of its trips, its expert leaders, often world-renowned figures whose experience and passion ensure superbly-designed, fulfilling travel itineraries every time; and it’s highly acclaimed minimal impact style of travel offering responsible and sustainable adventures to the world’s most diverse destinations.
World Expeditions trips are for those travelers who want to discover destinations from the inside - taking the ‘paths less travelled’ to interact with and learn about local cultures, rather than simply ticking off tourism spots. More than 600 stand-alone itineraries are offered, from small group active adventures and expeditions to cycling and walking tours to cultural journeys.

Contact Information

Caroline Mongrain
North American Marketing Manager
Tel: 613-241-2700
Tel: 1-800-567-2216
Fax: 613-241-4189
Twitter: @WorldEx_america

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