Twin Butte Energy Ltd.

  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Oil and Gas

Organization Profile

Twin Butte Energy Ltd. is a growth orientated junior oil & gas company based in Calgary, Alberta that trades on the TSX under the symbol "TBE". The company commenced operations in June 2006 utilizing a tax loss vehicle structure and enjoys current carry forward tax losses and pools in excess of $300 million. The management team is focused on creating per share growth through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Corporate assets are primarily operated and high working interest with focus on assets located in the conventional heavy oil play at Frog Lake, Princess oil play, West Central Alberta, and the Pincher Creek long life gas assets. The combination of a focused asset base, tax pools and a strong balance sheet, position the Company well for future growth and increased shareholder value.

Contact Information

Jim Saunders
President and Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 403-215-2040

Alan Steele
Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Tel: 403-215-2692