SRB Education Solutions Inc.

  • Markham, Ontario

Headcount: 160 employees

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Organization Profile

SRB Education Solutions Inc. (SRB) empowers school districts in managing education delivery and student success.  As K-12 education administration software and services specialist, SRB provides products of choice in Finance, Human Resources, Payroll, Student Information Management, Assessment and Grade books, Library Management and Student/Parent involvement.

SRB is a group company of StarDyne Technologies. StarDyne is a technology company focused primarily on the local government and education areas of the public sector, providing strategic leadership with a long-term investment perspective to support its companies.

SRB has offices located in Markham, ON; Kelowna, BC; Edmonton, AB; and, Chicago, IL

SRB Executive:

Dave Love, President SRB
Michael Sarabdial, CFO SRB
Ross Dickie, Vice-President SRB, Sales & Marketing
Cathy Welch, Vice-President, Human Resources

SRB Products include:

atrieveERP is SRB’s integrated HR, Payroll and Financial solution.  It streamlines processes for school divisions, freeing up resources to invest in students’ academic futures.  For these and many more reasons, atrieveERP has become a trusted partner and number one choice for over 80 school divisions across Western Canada & the USA serving more than 2250 schools. 

Trillium Student Information Management Suite (Trillium)
Trillium is Ontario’s number one choice in student information management systems.  Built by Ontario School Boards, Trillium continues to meet the stringent reporting needs of the Ontario Ministry of Education making it easier for Boards to complete OnSIS and Ontario reporting while running their day-to-day operations.  With the evolution of new web functionality, Trillium users are gaining the benefits of ease of access supported by the stable Trillium platform.  Trillium serves over 60% of the Ontario market reaching over one million students ensuring optimized and accurate funding.

SchoolLogic Student Management System (SchoolLogic)
SchoolLogic is SRB’s multi-jurisdictional student management solution for School Districts used across North America.   Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding school districts. SchoolLogic’s comprehensive approach provides the building blocks to meet schools specific student record-keeping needs. The SchoolLogic Student Management System may be purchased standalone or as a part of a bundled solution, known as the LogicSuite™.

L4U Library Management Made Easier (L4U)
L4U™ Library Software develops, publishes, and markets the award winning L4U™ integrated Library management software.  L4U has been serving K-12 schools, public Libraries, special Libraries, academic Libraries and media/resource centers for 25 years.  L4U is installed in over 2,700 Libraries in North America and internationally in China, Japan, Africa and Europe.

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Contact Information

Dave Love
President, SRB Education Solutions Inc.
Tel: 877-772-4685 x 2242
Fax: 905-943-7706
Twitter: @SRBEd

Ross Dickie
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Tel: 877-772-4685 x2750
Fax: 905-943-7706
Twitter: @dickieross

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