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Our Purpose

TruckDown is designed to help fleets of any size lower maintenance and repair costs by using the right vendor, in the right place, at the right time.

Our Business

TruckDown delivers a fast, easy to use system for fleets to locate qualified vendors, manage their vendor contacts and rate vendor services as needed. TruckDown is a vendor content provider to a wide range of web enabled communications devices and hand held GPS devices. TruckDown also makes it possible for fleets to generate and save truck legal routes and search for vendors along the entire route or any given point.

Our Values

Our team is empowered to provide outstanding customer service in a fair and professional manner to all customers regardless of how large or small the business they represent may be.

About TruckDown – More Than a Locator

Since 1997 has helped commercial trucking fleets locate vendors throughout the USA and Canada. TruckDown lists vendor services ranging from Major Truck Repair Facilities, Heavy Duty Towing, Trailer Shops, Truck Stops, A/C to Welding, Truck Friendly Motels, Scales and many other services essential to keeping fleets moving safely and on time.

Finding a vendor is important, but finding the right vendor at the right price impacts a fleet’s bottom line. Working with fleets of all sizes TruckDown has developed easy to use tools that allow fleets to ensure the vendors they trust, and may have pricing agreements with, are always featured first where needed. This ensures those responsible for a fleet’s repairs and maintenance have instant access to the fleet’s private network of preferred vendors just by running vendor searches.

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