Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation

  • Toronto, Ontario

Organization Profile

Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation ("The Company"), through its Mortgage Banker, Firm Capital Corporation, is a non-bank lender providing residential and commercial real estate finance. The Company's investment objective is the "Preservation of Shareholders' Capital", while providing shareholders with a stable stream of monthly dividends from the Company's investments. The Company achieves its investment objectives by pursuing a strategy of growth through investments in selected niche markets that are under-serviced by large lending institutions. Firm Capital Corporation, as the Company's Mortgage Banker, provides loan origination, underwriting, loan servicing and syndication services to the Company. Firm Capital Corporation is a specialized originator, focused on; bridge financing, construction lending, short term 1ST & 2ND mortgages, performing and non-performing debt acquisitions and mezzanine financing.

Contact Information

Sandy Poklar
Tel: (416) 635-0221 ext. 235

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