Ingle International Inc.
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Organization Profile

Ingle has been a trusted name in the insurance industry since 1946, when John and Muriel Ingle founded their family business, John Ingle Insurance. The Ingles started their company by selling basic health and accident insurance, and soon grew to offer a wider range of insurance products, opening offices across Canada. 

Today, Ingle International represents many of the major insurance companies in Canada and worldwide, providing access to affordable insurance products, including travel, student, expatriate, and special risk coverage. Ingle also works with a network of licensed brokers, agents and advisors to provide customers with specialized expertise and access to comprehensive coverage options to suit their needs and budgets.

Customer care has always been an integral part of the Ingle business model. Our customer contact centre is staffed with licensed, multilingual agents and our marketing material is available in 12 different languages. Ingle International’s highly trained staff members ensure that all of our clients receive unique personal attention, while our user-friendly websites allow convenient access to a wide variety of insurance products and information. 

Ingle International offers customized insurance solutions for individual clients, groups, associations, and charitable organizations across Canada and internationally. 

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