Want More Prospects? New Audiences? Online Visibility? You Need News Releases.

This post by @sarahskerik first appeared on our parent company’s blog (PR Newswire – Beyond PR). It has been edited for CNW’s use with her permission.


Does your brand need to acquire more prospects? Does your organization need to reach new potential members or donors? Are you promoting an event that needs more participants? Is visibility in search engines important for your organization’s web site? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should consider news releases as part of your marketing and communications arsenal.

Here’s why:

Services like CNW reach far beyond newsrooms. When we distribute your content, it will be seen on hundreds –if not thousands—of web sites that re-post CNW content in Canada and (via PR Newswire) around the world. Across the web, those appearances build awareness of your message and brand. But that’s not all they do.

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CNW_TwitterFeed_V3Each of those postings turns your news release into a portal linking straight back to your organization’s website. This provides a way for your organization to capture the interest generated by the press release and turn it into action, such as registering for an event, downloading a white paper, engaging with more related content on your website, or sharing the content socially.

All of these wonderful things can happen to your content, but there’s a catch: it still has to be interesting and useful to your audiences. You can’t just dial it in and call it done – it has to be thoughtful, well written and meaningful. If we consider every scrap of content our brands publish – Tweets, blog posts, videos, web site copy and, yes, news releases – as digital ambassadors for our brands, they had better represent us well. Twitter_Icon

Because in addition to influencing audiences, social signals influence search engines. Social proof is weighed heavily in the algorithms that determine search rank.

If you’re not convinced of the power of news releases, consider the following examples from PR Newswire:

Want more examples and ideas? Check out PR Newswire’s free webinar on February 26 about news release tactics. It’s going to be a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of headline writing, release formatting, ways to keep building reader interest, incorporating calls to action for different audiences, encouraging social interaction… you get the picture.


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-Sarah Skerik

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