Does PR Need a Social Media Reality Check?

In 2009, CNW and Leger Marketing conducted the first Social Media Reality Check survey, exploring professional communicators’ use of social media compared with consumer opinions about social media influence on their purchasing behavior. Two years is a long time in the online world, so this spring we teamed up again with Leger for the Social Media Reality Check 2.0, expanding the scope of the survey to include investor relations professionals and institutional investors.


Preliminary results from the PR study were released earlier today, in advance of Laurie Smith and Dave Scholz’s presentation to a standing-room-only crowd at the National Canadian Public Relations Society conference in Saint John. Check out the full results in their presentation:

For more discussion on the Social Media Reality Check 2.0 data, follow @CNWGroup and the #cprs2011 hashtag on Twitter. Results from the IR survey, presented at CIRI’s 2011 Annual Conference, are available here.

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