Six Ways to Monitor your Brand Online

With a variety of online and social media platforms available, it can be quite the challenge to keep track of every online mention of your brand. Yet, it's extremely important to know who is talking about your brand on the Internet. The challenge facing PR professionals is just how they should monitor their brand online. Do you just monitor a few platforms? Are basic monitoring tools giving you a complete picture of your brand online?

Whatever tools you decide to use to monitor your brand, it's essential to fully understand the best practices for keeping up with your brand’s online image.

Here are six ways you can monitor your brand online:

This will allow you to see where most of the news about your brand is coming from and therefore direct you to what platforms you need to monitor more closely. If you have a huge following on Facebook but only a few followers on Twitter, you should give Facebook additional monitoring. Beyond the size of your social followings, you can use your website's analytics to see which platforms are referring users to your site and then monitor those platforms for brand mentions. 


Your company must focus on what conversations actually matter and therefore which conversations need to be monitored. The rest is just white noise and there's a lot of this on the Internet! To do this, you will need to establish what your communication goals are and focus on comments and mentions that may help or hinder you from reaching those goals.


Are your competitors covering something that you aren't? Monitoring competition will allow you to identify gaps and trends as well as the hottest topics being discussed in your specific industry.


Be clear what your goals are regarding your online presence. If you want more visibility on Facebook, then spend more time on this platform than on others. If you want to be within the top spots on Trip Advisor or another customer review site, be sure to monitor comments and mentions on these sites.


Select and focus on internal benchmarks that are relevant to your goals. Be specific with your benchmarks. For example, your goal may be “Gain 3000 likes on Facebook by December.” This creates focus and will help you to determine which platforms actually matter to your organization.


There are a number of free and paid monitoring services that can ensure you stay on top of your brand’s online presence.  The first step is to make sure the monitoring service fits your needs and goals. If you aren't finding sufficient monitoring of your brand through free services, a paid subscription may be best for your company.

Monitoring your brand online will leave your company in a better position to track and shape the perceptions of your brands and therefore, achieve your overall goals. 



For a more comprehensive and in-depth view on how to monitor your brand online, download Monitoring Your Brand Across the Web, a  free white paper from CNW.

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