PR 101: The Modern News Release


Beyond the Wire has created a PR 101 series of posts dedicated to anyone just beginning their marketing and PR journey.

Whether you are a marketer looking to create and use news releases for the first time, or a PR veteran who’s churned out many releases, you always want to ensure that your news release game is on point.

Today’s news release has undergone an extreme makeover and is a far cry from the text-only release that many PR practitioners learned to write in school.  The digital age and the dominance of social media have reinvented the news release. Here’s what it should look like today.


Every modern news release should have these three essential items:

1. Multimedia

As visual creatures, humans respond to images and video much more quickly than to multiple lines of text. In fact a CNW study found that adding images and video to a text news release can increase views by 170%.



2. Social Sharing

Social media has made today’s news releases more strategic. Not only can it increase the reach and distribution of your release, but social media can also allow you to listen and better understand your audience. Social listening can lead you to create more targeted and relevant messaging for your audience. 



3. Translation

Targeting a multicultural or international audience is a great way to distribute your release to an even larger market, and this can be done through translation. Just be aware that you may want to add in some additional turnaround time into your schedule to ensure your release has sufficient time to be processed by a translation team.

When preparing your news release, you need to keep in mind the following questions

Answering each of these questions will reduce any back-and-forth time between your team and your newswire service provider, allowing you to get your news release across the wire in a timely fashion.

Of course, once your release has crossed the wire, your work does not stop there. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your release maximizes its reach.



When it comes to news release distribution, measurement often gets overlooked. Just as the news release has evolved, so has our ability to measure results more accurately. With increased access to analytics and online measurement tools, you can measure and monitor the performance of your news release to show a true reflection of how PR is contributing to the bottom line. 


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