Increase Visibility and Brand Awareness in One Simple Step

IGA, Sobeys Québec’s retail brand, is the largest group of independent grocers in Canada and when they added a new product to their offering, their communications team develops a product launch campaign, targeting both the media and public to build brand awareness and increase visibility. We took a brief look at their challenge and approach, which was guided by CNW’s services.   

When IGA partnered with Les Charcutiers Pork Shop, a young hip artisanal company with a strong identity focusing on their founders and owners, the company wanted to take a different approach to the product launches that they traditionally developed.

The main objective of this campaign was to increase visibility and awareness for both brands, while also conveying Les Charcutiers Pork Shop’s identity and IGA’s vision. 

To achieve this, CNW worked in partnership with Sobeys Québec to create and distribute a Content Centre. CNW’s Content Centre is a branded landing page, which includes a release, images showcasing the brand’s identity effectively, call-to-action functions and enhanced social sharing abilities. As Sobeys Québec offers online shopping services, adding call-to-action functions allow readers to order the product directly from the store. SEO benefits are just another advantage of creating a Content Centre with CNW, for your new product launch. 

Social sharing options, such as adding a live Twitter feed, allowed Sobeys Québec to ensure their Content Centre was continuously updated with fresh content. To drive discovery of this Content Centre, an accompanying targeted email campaign was developed, which acted as a teaser to drive readers to the branded landing page. 

“Using the Content Centre gives the product visibility, credibility and notoriety needed to expand more while establishing IGA as a pioneer in discovering exclusive and exciting new products for our clients”- Laurie Fossat, Communications Advisor, Sobeys Quebec.

To discover exactly what results were garnered as a result of this innovative product launch campaign, download the case study from our Knowledge Centre today. 

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