How to Choose the Best Newswire Service Provider for Your Company


When you spend valuable resources and budget on creating content, it’s only logical to drive discovery of these messages and ensure your content reaches the largest possible audience.  A fantastic tool for doing just this is to distribute your news release or content using a newswire service.

Although distribution is a crucial aspect of your content marketing strategy, it is important to understand that not all online news release distribution providers are created equal and you need to find the best provider to suit your needs.



A recently published CNW white paper explores exactly how you can choose the news wire service that best matches your needs and therefore will ultimately help you achieve your communication goals. Here are three of those ways:


1.    Know yourself

What are your desired outcomes of your communications campaign?

If you do not know your objectives, you cannot vocalize them to a newswire provider and therefore, you can’t begin to evaluate a provider when you don’t know what goals you are trying to achieve in the first place.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve by distributing my news release?
  • Do I want the news release to garner earned media? Or perhaps just drive traffic to my website?
  • Do I want to reach new specific markets or just a broad range of consumers?

Answering these questions will help you determine your objectives and then you can evaluate which specific wire service provider can help you achieve these goals.



2.    Know your audience

Pinpoint your geographical, industry-specific and cultural goals.

Each newswire provider reaches different audiences, so you need to really know your audience definitively in order to effectively choose a newswire service that can reach and target that audience.

The newswire provider you choose should not only have a large database of journalists, bloggers and other influencers, but their contacts should cover topics in your industry. If they don’t, you are distributing irrelevant content to an audience that is not interested in it, which will not garner any results for your company.

If your audience primarily uses social media, does your newswire provider have the capacity to distribute your news release through social channels? Getting to know your audience and the audience a particular provider can reach, is essential to your strategy.



3.  Measurement

How can you evaluate success?

If you do not measure the results of your distribution, how can you evaluate its success? Be sure to choose a provider that offers reporting and proof of the syndication of its content. Any provider that doesn’t offer this is not worth going with.


For a more detailed look at other important questions that you should ask before choosing a wire service, download the free Buyer’s Guide from CNW, News Release Service, Content Distribution & Promotion Providers.




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