Five Benefits of Using Media Monitoring Tools

In the digital age, you no longer have to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper to find out what is happening in the world. In fact, you can read about something 600 different ways online before it ever becomes a printed headline; you can even receive updates in real time. This has caused a dramatic change for the role of a PR professional and what is now expected from them.

It is no longer sufficient to evaluate the success and reach of your PR campaign with press clippings and Ad Value. PR teams need to show solid, measurable proof of their efforts and with current monitoring tools and applications. We can illustrate PR impact with metrics and statistics.

Metrics and monitoring results are extremely useful and beneficial to PR tools, with both Weber Shandwick and Edelman Berland attributing part of their success to the monitoring tools and analytics they produce for their clients.

Here are just a few reasons why monitoring tools are beneficial to PR teams and why you should be using them:

1. Gain a competitive edge

Monitoring tools can do the mundane tasks, such as flipping through newspapers looking for content or mentions, allowing PR teams time to focus on content creation and campaign execution. This also lets companies stay competitive and even allows small and medium sized businesses to compete with larger firms. These tools can monitor online 24/7 when PR professionals can’t and this can help PR agencies stay one step ahead of their competition.

2. Collaborate with marketing and sales departments

Sales and marketing teams speak in metrics and want to be shown quantifiable proof of PR efforts and results. Monitoring tools provide a detailed analysis of campaign reach as well as buyer behavior, giving PR teams the ability to present their results in a meaningful way to marketing & sales teams. This can strengthen the relationship between a PR agency and their client’s marketing department, which hasn’t always been strong.

3. Ease and help crisis management

It is impossible for any PR company, big or small, to completely control a brand’s message and how consumers will respond to that message. However, when a crisis strikes, speed is everything. While monitoring tools may not help PR professionals entirely avoid a crisis, they certainly help manage them and can act as an early warning system to issues that may lie ahead.

4. Identify issues and opportunities

The media landscape is extremely fast paced and PR pros need to keep up with the latest trends and fads. Using monitoring tools can not only help PR agencies analyze what trends are prominent, but they can assess the importance of brand mentions across different platforms, identifying both potential issues and opportunities.

5. Prove the true worth to their clients

A well-informed PR agency can prove it understands and supports a client’s bottom line. By using monitoring tools, agencies can prove the true value of their PR efforts, with quantifiable results that directors and C-suite executives understand. PR matters more than ever and PR practitioners finally have the tools to illustrate this and show that they can drive discovery, lead generation and revenue.


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