Canadian Content We Love: Becel

We know that eating healthy starts with simplicity. Whether dining in or out, we now like to know what ingredients we’re consuming. Becel Canada has responded to this cultural shift with a multichannel marketing campaign demonstrating its commitment to supporting a healthier lifestyle. Here’s how Becel Canada is spreading the news.


Marvelous Multimedia

Along with their news release, Becel included an interactive Content Centre housing all of its multimedia assets. It contains a vibrant video discussing the various natural ingredients found in Becel products. Since the video explains these processes via onscreen text, earbuds are not required to receive Becel’s message. This technique is especially effective when users are casually scrolling through a webpage or social platform that autoplays.



Becel also included high-resolution social media headers that clearly explain the campaign and are scaled to fit each platform’s layout. 



Premium Partnerships

Aiming at families and home cooks, Becel partnered with Michelin-Star celebrity Chef Graham Elliot and Healthy lifestyle expert Rose Reisman on this campaign. Bringing a celebrity chef onboard increases credibility for Becel among restaurant chefs and cooking program fanatics. It makes a case for health and versatility, positioning Becel as a multipurpose kitchen staple.

By creating strategic partnerships with subject matter experts, Becel is building brand authority within the retail, food and health industries.


Exquisite Event Execution

When it comes to cooking, consumers like try before they buy. Becel set up its first Blend Bar at a central Toronto grocery store for 18 days. There, consumers could see how margarine is made using fresh ingredients and were able to taste it themselves. They were also able to learn how to make margarine at home. Consumers were invited to share their experience on social media with the hashtag #BecelBlendBar.

This event successfully connected Becel with its target audience in the perfect place; where they buy their groceries.  They strengthened this connection by drawing upon their subject matter experts to demonstrate its health benefits on the spot.  

















Becel’s campaign has attracted a wide range of outlets, including CHCH Morning Live, the Yummy Mummy Club, ET Canada, Marketing Magazine, Just-Food, and Strategy.

By striking strategic partnerships, build brand power through events and creating rich multimedia, Becel meets its consumers’ demands and delivers a successful multichannel campaign that’s Canadian Content We Love!

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