Canadian Content We Love: Maple Festival



We Canadians are very proud of our maple syrup! Quebec produces 90 per cent of Canada’s maple syrup and is the world’s largest exporter of maple products.  With sugar shack season soon upon us, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) launched an integrative campaign that paid homage to the sweet stuff. Here are a few ways that the FPAQ got us talking about all things maple.

Catered releases

To kick things off, the FPAQ put out three press releases on the same day! Each release spoke to a different target audience and offered a unique incentive to participate.

The first pointed to a new study conducted by Groupe AGÉCO that highlights the ecosystem services that are generated by the Quebec sugar bush. In other words, the maple industry in Quebec provides ample environmental, gastronomic and economic advantages. This release targets those interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the environment.

The second release builds on the study and announces an interactive Maple festival, where the study will be presented along with specially-created and historically-based cuisine. While also speaking to CSR and environmental champions, this release is targeted at the quintessential “foodie.”



The final release announces the selection of four new “Maple Masters,” which celebrates the brilliance and creativity of artisans across the world. This release speaks to a culinary, hospitality and restaurant industry, thus reaching a large audience.

By creating three targeted releases, the FPAQ were successfully able to cast a wide net of interest amongst its multiple stakeholders.

Perfect partnerships

To promote their study, the FPAQ partnered with Canada’s most accomplished ice explorer, Bernard Voyer. Known for his love of nature and the environment, Voyer is a great partner for highlighting the environmental benefits of Quebec’s maple industry. The FPAQ takes the opportunity to elevate its thought leadership within the environmental and ecological industries through Voyer’s participation and partnership.





Furthermore, the FPAQ partnered with popular chefs from Quebec City and Montreal to create a special menu for its Maple Festival. By calling on chefs from high-ranking restaurants, the FPAQ is building credibility amongst the culinary and restaurant industry.

The FPAQ successfully demonstrate brand authority by making striking strategic partnerships with local subject matter experts.

Excellent event execution

The Maple Festival brought together prestigious guests from Quebec, the United States, United Kingdom and India to rediscover the origins of Quebec maple. Along with a presentation of the FPAQ’s recent study, the organization called upon Voyer to address the crowd. Lastly, guests enjoyed a variety of maple-focused dishes to cater to the love and appreciation for the maple industry in Quebec.

Guests shared salivating photos over social media with the hashtag #fetedelerable.








The event successfully unites the FPAQ’s primary stakeholders in a night that shines a light on the success and importance of Quebec’s maple industry.

The Maple Festival was covered and attended by a variety of Quebec publications and blogs, including Urbaine City, Coup de Pouce magazine, popcerise,,  Chatelaine Quebec, La Pique-Assiette, and La vie toute simplement.

By starting with a simple study and ending with a multi-impactful integrative campaign, the FPAQ created Canadian Content We Love!

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