Bring your financial story to life with video


According to Cisco’s predictions, 79 percent of all web traffic will be video by 2018. With that in mind, organizations – no matter the size or industry – can no longer afford to be ignoring video. Not just for B2C brands, video can be a powerful tool to bring your financial story to life and today’s savvy investors are looking for multimedia.

“Investors want more multimedia,” says Bradley Smith, director of marketing, IR and compliance services for PR Newswire. Smith worked on the report “How Are Investors Consuming Your Investor Relations Content?” which is based on surveys of 20,000 investors, done in partnership between PR Newswire, CNW and Vintage. The results of the survey show that investors are interested in a whole lot more than just text. “This is qualitative proof that multimedia is worth the effort,” he says of the report.

Five years ago, ARC Resources Inc. dipped a toe into the waters of video production with a virtual field tour of the company’s assets and operations. Today they’ve expanded their multimedia library to include videos that cover general ARC issues such as asset development and sustainability, in addition to short videos of CEO Myron Stadnyk that are released quarterly. Dubbed “Myron’s Minute” the video series has become popular with internal and external audiences.

“We’ve had positive feedback from portfolio managers around the world,” says David Carey, senior vice-president, capital markets for ARC. The IR team has found the company videos act like a calling card to prospective investors they meet with in Europe. Audiences familiar with the company have also responded well to the videos. “Even our largest shareholders watch them every quarter.”

Investing in a professionally shot, 90-second video of your CEO can complement your financial communications and have a positive effect on your bottom line. As the “How Are Investors Consuming Your Investor Relations Content” report summarized, “looking into the face of the CEO builds shareholder trust… and shareholder trust builds shareholder value.”



But what if the CEO of your company doesn’t have the time, interest, or frankly the on-camera capability to produce high-quality videos that will enhance your quarterly earnings?

Consider producing an animated video, such as this one from Energy XXI. Financial charts, graphics and numbers naturally lend themselves well to animation and it means you can work from a pre-approved document such as the quarterly earnings release or annual report instead of starting from scratch with a script. As a result, animation can be a timely and cost effective video solution.

Whether you opt to shoot a live-action or animated video, the content  can be posted on your corporate website and distributed with your earnings release on the wire. Give it some extra legs by playing it  at your AGM, sharing it on social media, or using it as a tool when meeting with investors at home or abroad.

The opportunities for video in investor relations communications are boundless. Have you created a video to support your IR program? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @CNWGroup! To learn more about aligning PR and corporate strategy, download our white paper, Best Practices for Growth: Aligning PR Programs to Corporate Strategy. 




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