Ask these five questions to identify the right platform for your needs.


Whether you are targeting an actual Irish audience or just the Irish-at-heart, consider these points to give your marketing campaign an authentic and accurate Gaelach touch.


Here are a few things worth noting before using Google to find the right influencers for your brand.


Communications professionals know that media impressions and clippings alone are not the truest measure of a PR campaign’s total value. Today’s PR pros pull in myriad elements from multiple sources to tie their efforts back to revenue, and convey the real return on the investment of their work.


When planning your outreach, consider each of these influencer types to see which is most suited to your brand.


Marketing automation is on the rise as 55% of B2B companies have adopted the technology into their strategies. Here’s how you can get the most of your marketing automation system.


To ensure your email newsletter gets VIP status within your audience’s inbox, consider these points before you hit send...

Cover_social media trends

The future of social media is unpredictable and while no one knows exactly where 2017 will take us, here are some of the major trends we’re watching.

Cover_client Motivations

Does nothing ever get easier? It seems that with each new development, marketers are faced with more to do than ever before. Next year, 2017 is already shaping up to be more demanding than ever.

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If you want your video content to receive any views at all on this platform, get using Facebook Live. Here are some items to keep top of mind:

cover_display option (2)

This week, we’re introducing the latest news release upgrade: Choice!

cover ed cal

The CNW 2017 editorial content calendar was created by our own content experts and is available for free download here.


In our new whitepaper, The Evolving Role of Investor Relations in Competitive Intelligence, we spoke with Canadian investor relation experts about the role they play in intelligence gathering as well as how and why they use competitive intelligence

cover_leverage sm

Monitoring trends and setting up social media alerts are both great ways to stay on top of industry developments. These trending topics can be a great source of inspiration for your next tweet, Facebook post and even news releases or pitch angles.


A new whitepaper from CNW, Listening: Turn real-time media channel insights into communications action plans, examines the power of listening, the fundamental basis of any social listening program as well as specific examples of what your organization or brand should listen for in its existing audience.

Cover - UGC

According to Business Insider, shoppers interacting with UGC are 97% more likely to convert with a retailer than customers who do not. That’s a pretty good reason to incorporate UGC into your communications strategy.

Cover_Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Whether you want to drive discovery of owned channels, increase traffic or boost downloads, taking your blog to the next level can help you reach your marketing goals.


With more than 9,500 image views, the campaign’s news release outperformed their previous releases by more than 200%. To view the results of this creative, multimedia-centric campaign, download the case study from our Knowledge Centre today.

Cover_CASL (2)

With just over 230 days left before this deadline, we spoke to Derek Lackey, President of Direct Marketing Association of Canada, to get some expert tips as to how your company can take the necessary steps to ensure you are CASL complaint in the coming months.

Cover_encourage awareness

If customer acquisition is your goal, influencer marketing is the channel that you need to tap into. So, what’s next for this marketing trend?

Cover_ how well do you know (2)

What do you actually know about the social media following of your company, your competitors and your industry? Who are these people? It’s time to find out.


It haunts the dreams of content marketers everywhere that as much as 82% of content shared on mobile, is dark social. Is it some malicious hacker activity? If you are unfamiliar with the term, dark social can sound a little suspicious, but it simply refers to social sharing that web analytics tools cannot track.


An unprepared media spokesperson is a disaster waiting to happen. Journalists told to get a story will do just that, whether or not your spokesperson has anything useful to add. Ensuring your spokesperson is informed, prepared and comfortable in a media interview is essential pre-planning. While most interviews are usually professional and pleasant exchanges, it’s always useful to prepare for...


An unprepared or untrained spokesperson can be a ticking time bomb for your brand. The company spokesperson represents the voice and personification of your brand, so it’s imperative that they be informed, prepared, trained and knowledgeable. This extends to the media contacts listed on your news release or website; are they ready?

Cover_ media interview

In a previous post, we talked about the tactic of pivoting, or bridging, back to your story in the face of adverse questioning from a skeptical audience, moderator or journalist. The prospect of fielding questions from a reporter can be intimidating but, if handled correctly, engaging in a media interview can prove to be beneficial to all parties.

Cover_ Keys to Monitoring (1)

By tracking only your own brand mentions, you may be missing out on actionable business intelligence vital to your overall strategy, including information about your competitors, suppliers, industry and other external factors that could affect your business.

Cover_PR and the C-suite

Corporate communications has a key role in maintaining and building brand value by managing a company’s reputation and have long been the keeper of the brand story. However, there are a number of ways in which C-suite executives can support communications efforts.

Cover_5 metrics

Public relations professionals have been using a wide array of metrics to show the ROI of their efforts to senior management. But with so many to choose from, where should you focus? Here are five metrics you should be using to measure the performance of your news release:

Cover_headlines (1)

Journalists will now consider how your content will play out across all different formats and so a multichannel pitch is often your best option when pursuing earned media coverage.


It is no great surprise that writing a captivating headline is crucial to driving the engagement of your content. So why are these words causing our headlines to perform so badly? The study suggests that it’s partly because these words trigger our human “spam filter” to kick in and ignore the article. So if you are truly terrible at creating engaging, catchy, must-click-on headlines,...


If you’re dealing with a good newswire service, the following perks should be included.

Engage Social_Cover (1)

Here are five ways to improve your social media approach right now.

Cover_Video Production (1)

Video is an investment in time and effort that is important to get right. There are steps to follow that will differ project by project, but which are each essential to success.

Cover_Beyond media (1)

In this post, we examine how you can bring data from multiple sources to illustrate how your release is contributing to business outcomes.

Cover_avoidNumbers (2)

As any PR professional knows, measuring the true impact of PR efforts remains an inexact science. Here are foundations to creating reports that are more meaningful to clients.

Cover_Content Marketing1

CNW’s Content Distribution Driver Checklist can help you to set your distribution strategy according to campaign goals and objectives.

Cover_Drive audience

This guide will help you through the decision-making process and offer some tips on how you can best select the distribution options that will deliver the most value to your company.

Cover_Get Credible

This CNW whitepaper features SEO expert Evan Prokop discussing how earned media can improve organic search results. He also describes tactics to build a larger presence online as a result of earned media.


This week, Cision released the results of their 2016 Canadian Social Journalism Study, which highlight social media’s evolving role within the Canadian media landscape. This report groups respondents into five categories of social media users. Each has specific opinions and observations on the role that social media plays in their jobs — they also have key demographic differences. Let’s...

Cover_branding growth

C-level engagement in branding is essential to determine how best to drive interest in your company. These are the three questions you need to ask.

Cover_all press Good press

Earned media coverage can be tricky for even the most experienced and accomplished communications specialist. With these best practices from former reporter Brett Simon, you can increase the possibility of landing third-party editorial coverage of your story.

Cover_Communicating with Designers (1)

Communications professionals are born with that special something – the gift of the gab, the art of persuasion, a natural talent for expressing their ideas. But for some reason when it comes to communicating ideas for visual campaigns, conversations with designers can be a little – shall we say challenging.

Cover_DM ROI

By supplementing your digital marketing activities with PR content and metrics, you can enhance your digital marketing strategy.


This webinar will share these success factors in detail to give you a better understanding of how to develop great content that resonates with your buyer.

Cover_Advanced Distribution

When you have mastered the basics of news release writing, you need to go beyond those basic steps to optimize your content distribution.

Cover_Pivitol CS

CNW’s Content Centre is a landing page and content distribution platform that acts as a digital meeting kit for your campaign. Here are three reasons why you should consider using a digital media kit with your next release:

cover_10 questions

These questions will give you a sense of whether a provider is right for your business needs.

Cover_Expanding engagement (1)

This article from CNW looks at each stage of a successful product launch in detail.

Cover_Coaching Acct2

Although your tactics and metrics will change depending on the desired outcomes and business goals of your client, here are some examples of how you and your team can use data to optimize your PR program.

Cover_CC and DG

CNW experts have identified the three steps you should take to encourage successful collaboration between corporate communications and demand generation.


Publishing a daily or weekly blog can be challenging all on its own as it requires valuable time and resources that many PR and content marketing teams no longer have. Timeliness aside, blogs must be interesting, compelling and useful in order to gain and maintain readership, which will often place communicators in a constant state of “writers block.” Here are five best practices for generating...

Cover_Buyer20 DG

In order to reach this customer and engage them, marketing professionals need to rethink their communications and demand generation strategies. Here are some tips to help you develop a marketing communications plan that speaks to Buyer 2.0.

Cover_Maximize Message

Your distribution channel should align with your message and your targeted audience. CNW explored why.


This is not the first time we have discussed the importance of multimedia and it probably won’t be the last; we simply cannot emphasise enough just how impactful adding that video or image along with your content, truly is.


In the white paper, Generating Content Discovery with Syndicated Distribution, CNW experts share tips on how content marketers can generate discovery by publishing “non-news” content through their traditional and social PR channels.

Cover_ Engage Buyer 2

The Buyer 2.0 Content Strategy Checklist explores the step-by-step process companies should follow to communicate over multiple channels to potential buyers. The article also demonstrates the most effective tactics for tackling each stage of the buying cycle.

Cover_TargetedAudience (1)

Identifying the target audience is a critical part of any marketing plan and forms the foundation of your whole strategy.


Following these five steps below ensures that your news release will have a high impact, and therefore engage your audience and drive ROI for your company.

Cover_PR Agency2

As the relationship between the client and the agency has become more diversified, PR agencies can provide value to their clients beyond media relations campaigns.

Cover picture_Outsell

According to recent research from Outsell Inc., commissioned by CNW and PR Newswire, earned media is eroding the growth of paid media.


To perform best, your content should be tweaked for suitability on each platform. A savvy marketer will include “adapt content” as a tactic within their distribution strategy to allow their message to cut through the noise and reach their targeted audience in just the right way. Let’s take a look at the best practices for adapting your content to individual social media platforms.


To grow your audience and engage potential customers, you need to reach people outside of your current customer base. Here are eight proven tactics for writing and distributing a news release that actually drives traffic.

Cover Image_Align PR

Following CNW’s best practices can help your company develop a successful PR strategy that makes the most of all the benefits PR has to offer.

EN cover image connecting PM

As a product marketer, if you are not connecting with and developing relationships with your company’s demand generation team, you are missing an important opportunity to nurture and expand your customer base.


While creating high quality content is important, the distribution strategy behind it is equally important. Creating unique content, although important for differentiating a brand from its competition, is ineffective if it’s not promoted and distributed accordingly.

Cover Trusted Partner

It is important to strategically choose your wire provider service and the latest CNW white paper, Your Trusted Partner: Selecting a Wire Service Provider, gives you expert tips and advice to help you make your decision.

Cover_PRFunnel (2)

Amplifying PR’s role in the funnel will help you to drive real bottom line results and achieve your business goals, as a result. Download our free white paper in full to discover more about PR’s new role in the marketing funnel.


Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround marketing and PR activities. Here are 5 common multimedia myths—and the truth behind them.


Without driving leads through the marketing funnel, your content marketing strategy becomes more of a cost centre instead of a revenue centre. Here are four simple ways you can demonstrate the value of your content marketing strategy.


In our new whitepaper, IR Best Practices to Weather an Economic Storm, we asked senior Canadian IROs about the tactics they use to effectively communicate in an economic downturn.

St. Baldricks Case Study

St. Baldrick’s enlisted the help of CNW’s parent company, PR Newswire, to develop and share a new narrative around childhood cancers.

7 Metrics to Demonstrate ROI to Clients

In order to fully embrace this advance in measurement tactics, it is critical to decipher at the early planning stage, which metrics should be deployed during evaluation.


Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround marketing and PR activities. Here are 6 common pitching myths—and the truth behind them.

Cover_leveraging PR

. With modern day metrics and tracking readily available, it is easier than ever to tie PR efforts to revenue and pipeline results. Following these best practices from CNW experts can help you to leverage PR to drive demand, revenue and profit growth.


Third-party earned media and endorsements are much more effective and credible than direct brand messaging or advertising, according to research conducted by The Nielsen Company. Here are four simple tips to help you build relationships with the media:

Who is Buyer 20 and How Can I Reach Them

Buyers are changing their behaviors and as a result advertising and PR agencies must evolve also but many are struggling to keep up with Buyer 2.0.

Intermedia case study (1)

Intermedia wanted to drive online visibility of their findings, with the ultimate goal of cementing themselves as an industry thought leader. Intermedia enlisted the creative and video production services of PR Newswire (CNW’s parent company) strategy to create original video content as part of their integrated PR and marketing campaign.

The Six Questions You Need to Ask Before You Send That Release (1)

Here at CNW, we know a thing or two about news releases. If you are planning to send a news release, stop and answer each of these questions to ensure that your release is impactful, reaches a wide audience and achieves your communications goals.

Is Your News Release -Social Ready--

To make sure you stay current, you need to participate in the right social media channels for your business and ensure your news release is “social ready”. Here are five tactics for socializing your news release.

Five Benefits of Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring offers a multitude of benefits to an organization, such as helping it extract important insights from the vast amounts of collected data. Here are just some of the benefits of brand monitoring:

Metrics cover pic

With advances in technology, marketing and PR professionals now have the tools to track the habits and behaviors of consumers online. So, what metrics should PR practitioners utilize?

Its Time to Rethink Public Relations.

It’s time to rethink public relations. Here are three ways you can reignite your PR strategies and tactics.


Following the success of our post, 10 Myths About Social Media, Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround other marketing and PR activities. Today’s post focuses on the myths that surround news releases and their distribution.

Cover_Justify Media Monitoring

A comprehensive media monitoring service can provide internal stakeholders with the tools, data and analysis they need to make informed strategic decisions.

Six Tips for Measuring Your News Release Success Across Multiple Channels

With a multitude of distribution channels available today, an increasingly popular trend for PR practitioners is to measure strategic goals by channel. Consider including these tips in your measurement plans to ensure successful implementation of metrics.

How to Use a Multi-Channel Promotion Plan to Launch Your Product (2)

This working example illustrates how a technology company implemented a multi-channel content promotion plan for a product launch.

how to drive max returns

Here are some simple steps that you can take to support your distribution strategy and increase the potential reach of your content.

Great Distribution Helps Company Achieve Business Goals

The news release has evolved with the ever-changing communications landscape and is now a tactic that can be deployed to achieve a multitude of strategic objectives. Check out this case study that demonstrates how our offerings helped one organization achieve its business goals with great distribution.

Generate Quality Leads and Increase Brand Awareness

Leveraging mobile technology to better serve clients is at the core of Lavu’s business. Offering cost- effective and comprehensive software solutions to food service providers, Lavu’s communications strategies are highly focused on creating meaningful interactions with their target audiences.

Monitor Your Brand Cover Pic

Whatever tools you decide to use to monitor your brand, it's essential to fully understand the best practices for keeping up with your brand’s online image. Here are six ways you can monitor your brand online.


A core function of content marketing is making engaging content that customers want to consume and share. Creating content that will go viral achieves every marketer’s dream, but this begs the question; why does some content go viral and some not?

redefining newsworthy cover pic

In today’s digital era, the media landscape and definition of earned media has changed. There are many new opportunities to earn visibility for your brand as earned media is no longer confined to the front page of a newspaper or magazine.


Today’s news release has undergone an extreme makeover and is a far cry from the text-only release that many PR practitioners learned to write in school. The digital age and the dominance of social media have reinvented the news release. Here’s what it should look like today.

Sobeys Case Study

IGA, Sobeys Québec’s retail brand, is the largest group of independent grocers in Canada and when they added a new product to their offering, their communications team develops a product launch campaign, targeting both the media and public to build brand awareness and increase visibility. We took a brief look at their challenge and approach, which was guided by CNW’s services.


In today’s web-driven world, anyone can publish anything online, and plenty of it. One of the greatest challenges for PR professionals is to ensure your content gets noticed. Driving content discovery is now an essential part of your overall communications strategy.

Why You Need More EarnedMedia

Although it may be difficult to acquire earned media, it is incredibly valuable and can play a major part in a brand’s success. However, why is earned media so important to a brand achieving its objectives? We explore three reasons why your brand should be seeking out earned media.

What Metrics Matter for a CMO-

There is a new pressure on CMO to provide CEOs and CFOs with measured, quantifiable results of the Marketing department’s efforts. With a variety of marketing metrics and monitoring tools available today, the challenge has been that CMOs need to ensure they are focused on the right data and metrics....


As we all know, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” In fact, Simply Measured suggests that 60% of a PR manager’s time should be spent planning. When studies suggest that a content editorial calendar can increase clicks by 3,150%, it seems foolish not to have one.

Is Your News Release Really Ready for Distribution-

Getting a news release out into the world and sharing your message is usually a time sensitive activity. Here are just a few of the activities taking place behind the scene as CNW’s editorial experts work to get your news release ready for distribution.

Buyers Guide_Blog Cover pic

Although distribution is a crucial aspect of your content marketing strategy, it is important to understand that not all online news release distribution providers are created equal and you need to find the best provider to suit your needs.


Beyond the Wire is dedicating a number of posts to our PR 101 series. These posts, dedicated to small businesses or those who are just beginning their marketing and PR journey, will cover how you can get started with tips and advice on topics such as social media, digital marketing, public relations and SEO. This week, we are looking at the art of pitching. With tips and advice from some of the Canada’s...

MarketResearch.com case study

MarketResearch.com engaged the services of PR Newswire, CNW’s parent company, to drive additional awareness about new content and promote their new offerings to key influencers, in order to increase visibility and drive revenue.


Beyond the Wire has created a PR 101 series of posts dedicated to anyone just beginning their marketing and PR journey. Today’s post focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and explains how to kick-start your content’s SEO with easy and actionable tips.


Have you ever had a customer pick up a product in your store, inquire about the price, browse the store, before eventually putting the product back and leave without ever making a purchase? Should you run after them, product in-hand, shouting out all the product benefits? Or maybe you should re-appear when they’re in another store, looking at a similar product, and distract them with your product?...


As a marketing or PR professional, you will more than likely have experienced a growth in your duties and responsibilities. If you find yourself nodding your head under all those hats you’re now wearing, this post is for you! Here are ten of the best free tools and online applications that will help you streamline your daily activities.

Content Marketing_BLOG COVER PIC (2)

In a previous post, we shared our expert tips on how to market your own content to bolster campaign success. Yet, the question still remains; how do you bring it all together to form an actionable plan? Here are four steps to help you comprise a powerful action plan for an effective content distribution strategy:


Marketing has changed dramatically over the last few decades and the ever evolving media landscape means that we are set to see more changes in the coming years. Today, marketers are expected to do more with fewer resources and a limited budget. Here are some tips to scale down your content marketing strategy, while maintaining a constant flow of interesting, valuable and relevant content for your...


In the digital age, you no longer have to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper to find out what is happening in the world. In fact, you can read about something 600 different ways online before it ever becomes a printed headline. Here are just a few reasons why monitoring tools are beneficial to PR teams and why you should be using them.


At CNW, we have seen more than a few news releases and our experienced experts have put together a list of exactly what your release should include today. Welcome to boot camp!


According to marketers surveyed by Smart Insights, Marketing Automation is the marketing trend that will have the greatest commercial impact in 2016. But how can you leverage this powerful marketing tactic? We explored a few ways yout


Our recent white paper, The Edelman Trust Barometer: Building Market Leadership through Thought Leadership, considers the strategic value of becoming an industry thought leader and what impact it can have on your corporate success. This article examines how Edelman, through their thought leadership and their renowned Trust Barometer, built market leadership to become one of the most globally successful...


As we look towards the new year, there are trends emerging in the marketing world, that, although we may have heard of and perhaps even dabbled with previously, are set to explode in 2016. The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to be a game-changing marketing trend in 2016.


Expect to see a lot more Native Advertising in 2016. In fact, AdAge covered a recent eMarketer report that predicts spending on native is expected to reach $8.8 billion by 2018. Our contributor, Amy-Louise Tracey shares some great example of Native Advertising from 2015 and best practices for using it within your content marketing strategy.


In a bid to widen your current audience and customer database, you need to reach new users. Although some loyal and interactive customers may share your content which will increase your potential audience, this will not guarantee increased readership or click-throughs. To get that guarantee, you’ll need to promote your content and that will likely require some coin. CNW and the Content Marketing...


Social Media has become vital to any marketing and communications strategy and with so many platforms available, creating social content and maintaining your social media presence is a full time job. In fact, it can often require a team of people. Many small and mid-sized businesses do not have the resources to staff a full social media team, so they tend to bestow social media onto one person, who...


Successful communications and marketing campaigns can no longer depend on maximum distribution in order to be successful; they must also have compelling content that their audience will want to consume. The attention span of our consumer is decreasing, so we must grab their attention and keep it with desirable content. PR professionals can enhance the content you create by following these three best...


Public relations now has the ability to drive sales and growth and ultimately, revenue through more platforms than ever before. However, PR needs to be more vocal about the role it plays in driving demand, sales and profits. How can practitioners successfully demonstrate their essential skills to corporate executives? Here are three reasons why PR should matter more than ever to an organization