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In addition to giving media easy access to your materials, an added benefit of the digital media kit is the double-duty it can serve as a campaign microsite. You’ve worked hard to create a dynamic campaign that includes photos, videos and social media elements; now you want to get the most out of it by reaching multiple audiences.

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Samantha Kemp-Jackson’s Twitter bio describes her as the “frazzled mom of 5,000 kids.” While the math is a bit off – she has four kids ranging in age from elementary school to adult – the fact that she manages motherhood and a full-time career is impressive, never mind the fact that she is also a parenting writer for Huffington Post Canada, blogger at Multiple Mayhem...


In a veritable sea of marketing and media messages, multimedia can help your story stand out from the crowd. Including visual assets such as photos, videos or infographics are almost guaranteed to grab attention – news releases that include multimedia enjoy increased visibility, while videos and photos posted on social media are shared more often.


Public relations professionals are now producing more content than ever. In today’s landscape the possibilities for written and multimedia content are endless. But the reality is all that news is only doing your organization good if people know about it – especially if the goal is media coverage. However, journalists now have more noise to cut through to find accurate, relevant and newsworthy...

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Communications and PR professionals attending the 2015 CPRS National Conference in Montreal from May 31-June 3 had a rare opportunity to peer into the future of our industry thanks to Julia Oosterman and Samantha Kemp-Jackson, both communicators at the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre. Kemp-Jackson and Oosterman led an engaging – and humorous – session on the future of PR....


Any PR person worth their salt knows that before you can even think about pitching a journalist you need to do some research. What beat do they cover and what have they written about lately? What publication do they write for? Who is the publication’s target audience?


News embargoes were a hot topic at our recent Breakfast with the Media event in Toronto featuring Claire Neary, Sunny Freeman and Bryan Borzykowski. I recently looked at news embargoes from both the PR and media perspective here on Beyond the Wire and one thing rang out loud and clear: news embargoes can be a win-win for all involved, when used correctly.


Breaking news stories from our neighbours to the south are often integral to the Canadian news cycle. Reporting from Washington, Global National’s Jackson Proskow is tasked with providing Canadians with context and insight into American news. Here Jackson shares what life is like for a foreign correspondent, his top tip for PR pros and the dream story he’s gearing up to report on.


At our recent CNW Breakfast with the Media event one of the most hotly debated topics on both sides of the PR/media relationship came up: the news embargo.


The list of things that are unequivocally newsworthy is short, but the discovery of a new dinosaur species on home turf is certainly near the top. Earlier this month researchers at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology revealed exactly that – a new species of dinosaur had been discovered in the province of Alberta. To mark the discovery and announce a new exhibit opening at the museum, Travel...


Whether you’re on the agency or client side of the business, you’ve been faced with managing the expectations of clients or internal stakeholders at one time or another. On one hand, it’s understandable that teams are excited about their hard work and want to share it with the world. However, not every product update or new initiative is worthy of a feature spread in a top-tier publication.


When a recent Beyond PR post on blogging do’s and don’ts landed in my inbox, I found myself nodding along in agreement with the author’s confession that no matter how many times you’ve done it before, blogging is hard.

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If you’re looking to fill a room with PR people, give a journalist a microphone and ask them to spill their secrets to media relations success. Therefore, we were not surprised at the standing room only crowd at Rebecca Zamon’s workshop session on ‘getting attention in a busy landscape’ at the recent CPRS 2015 National Conference.


At CNW, we are dedicated to supporting our clients’ professions and development. Conferences are also a great way for us to keep on top of industry trends to ensure our products reflect the reality of practicing PR, IR and corporate communications in today’s landscape.


“The actual stories that we’re trying to get across haven’t changed that much, but the expectation of the ways that we tell them have definitely added to the complexity for communicators,” said David Jones, Principal and Chief Strategist at Social Labs. “It’s not just enough to be able to put something out that’s written.”


My communications career coincided with the digital revolution which means I’ve never had to send a fax or cut out clippings from a print publication, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve stuffed media kits. However, I have curated countless digital media kits by burning CD’s, loading USB keys or building microsites. Media kits have evolved as the Internet has changed...


Thanks to the web, PR audiences extend well beyond the media. Bloggers, forums and anyone with a social media account are now a target audience – but that also means the number of people who can shape public opinion are too many to schmooze over lunch or cocktails (although we’d certainly like to try!)


Whether you’re in an agency or on the client side; a marketer or a PR pro, in just about any industry, Twitter has become an essential component of many communications campaigns today. As a result, there is no shortage of tools out there that can help you with scheduling, monitoring and reporting. While you might be using paid or free dashboard tools to manage Twitter activity, there are a number...


Somewhere between the PR team issuing a news release and the “greatest hits” clippings package is at least one interview with a journalist. For many executives and spokespeople, the media interview is as feared as it is coveted. An integral part of the public relations and news reporting process, how you interview with a journalist can have either a positive or negative impact on your...


It’s getting difficult to ignore Canada’s growing excitement for the Pan Am Games taking place in Toronto, July 10 to 26, 2015. No doubt our mounting anticipation is thanks in part to the #NoworNever campaign recently launch by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) to support athlete storytelling in the lead-up to the Games.


Going from reporting in the field to polished and primped behind the anchor desk has been a dramatic shift for Dawna Friesen, anchor and executive editor for Global National. We recently had the chance to catch-up with Dawna and find out life as an anchor differs from foreign correspondence, how a typical day unfolds and the stories she thinks are underreported (and would love to work on!).


You’ve created a fantastic transmedia communications campaign. It’s been unleashed on the wire, all of your corporate social channels and you’ve even crafted the perfect pitch for your media list. All the boxes are ticked for a successful campaign, right?


As a communications professional you know that integrating multimedia into your communications is a must for cutting through clutter and capturing audience attention. But how many times have you been dissuade by thinking well-executed visual storytelling is the exclusive domain of big-budget consumer brands like WestJet or Tim Hortons? Push those thoughts aside!


This week CNW hosted The Communications Evolution in Calgary and Vancouver. The event featured speakers drawn from media, IR, communications, marketing and PR and was designed to inspire communications professionals from all disciplines to integrate their campaigns for optimal results. Our speakers shared lots of great tips and tricks for firing all cylinders to capture audience attention and drive...


One of the most important facets of a news release is also one of the most overlooked: the headline. In a world where journalists, bloggers and online audiences are bombarded with news releases, tweets, videos and other content, your headline needs to tell your audience why they should click right away.


Great PowerPoint presentations can feel a bit like albino humpback whales – you know they exist but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get to experience one for yourself.


Last week CNW and PR Newswire hosted our Going the Distance: How to Find Your Blog’s Focus and Avoid Blogger Burn Out webinar with Alicia Hansen, Monina Wagner and our own Amanda Hicken. Whether you’re blogging on a personal blog or behalf of a brand, the webinar offered lots of useful tips to help you achieve the results you’re looking for from a blog.


As the lines blur between marketing, social media, PR and corporate communications, a master document that outlines initiatives from each of these portfolios is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must to keep teams on the same page and ensure you are producing (and promoting) timely and targeted content.


The evolution of the Internet and social media has fundamentally changed the landscape in which public relations, marketing, IR, advertising and other media professionals operate. While social platforms like Facebook and Twitter have certainly contributed to that change, it’s mobile and SmartPhones that are responsible for the seismic shift we’ve seen in recent years.


Since emerging in the mid-1990’s, blogs have evolved from personal creative outlets to an important part of the of the media fabric – for both brands and bloggers.


March Break is one of the busiest travel times of the year, here at home and abroad. To ensure a quick and hassle-free experience, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) launched a highly-visual, integrated campaign to share helpful hints and tips for travellers during this busy time.

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Whether you’re still slogging your way through PR school or you’ve been in the business for years, you know how difficult it is to explain what exactly it is that you do.


When it comes to pitching media, is it luck or skill that lands a great piece of coverage? If you’re stuck at the office with one last media pitch before you can join your colleagues for a pint of green beer, consider these tips from Canadian journalists to see if you can tap into the luck of the Irish!


The daily grind of a newspaper beat reporter is very different from that of Global News 16x9 chief correspondent Carolyn Jarvis. Researching and developing stories can take up to four months! We had a chance to catch-up with Carolyn recently who shared some insight into her work process, her top tips for PR people and a look back at an eye-opening story experience.


When it comes to managing a crisis, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That goes from industry to industry, from crisis to crisis.


Earlier this month when Sun Life Financial released the results of the 2015 Sun Life Unretirement Index they included quality visual storytelling elements such as a video and an infographic with their news release to make their survey data stand out from the rest. But what makes this news release truly Content We Love is the audio clips that accompanied the news release.

Les lecteurs sont férus d’informations, ce qui implique que les médias aiment en publier. Ceci veut également dire que les marques diffusent beaucoup d’informations, disputant l’attention limitée des journalistes et des rédacteurs.


In late 2014, This American Life’s true-crime spin-off Serial catapulted podcasting into the spotlight, with the Columbia Journalism Review proclaiming that we were entering the “Golden Age of Podcasting.” With everyone and their mother suddenly downloading and talking about podcasting, it got us thinking – is there an opportunity for corporate communications professionals...


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, relationships are on everybody’s mind these days. For PR professionals, there’s no relationship more important than the ones they hold with journalists, bloggers and editors.

À l’approche de la Saint Valentin, les relations sont un sujet que nous avons tous à l’esprit ces jours-ci. Pour les professionnels des RP, aucune relation n’est plus importante que celles qu’ils entretiennent avec les journalistes, les blogueurs et les rédacteurs.


In just five years, Bell Let’s Talk Day has become Canada’s unofficial mental health awareness day. This year on January 28 Canadians tweeted, texted, called and shared a total of 122,150,722 times as part of Bell Let’s Talk Day, sparking a worldwide conversation about mental health and committing more than $6 million to programs across the country.

En tout juste cinq ans, la journée Bell Cause pour la cause est devenue la journée non officielle de sensibilisation à la maladie mentale au Canada. Le 28 janvier de cette année, les Canadiens ont tweeté texté, appelé et partagé des messages 122 150 722 fois pendant la journée Bell Cause pour la cause, déclenchant une conversation...


Whether you’re a seasoned PR vet or a newbie on your first job, you know that building relationships with key media and influencers is vital to media relations success. At our fall Breakfast with the Media event series we heard from journalist after journalist that the key to coverage is strong relationships with reporters and editors that cover the industries and companies you’re pitching.

Dans l’univers médiatique multiplateforme d’aujourd’hui, le travail des téléjournalistes est loin de se limiter à la production d’un reportage pour le bulletin de nouvelles du soir. Ainsi, Allison Vichnich, correspondante pour le réseau Global TV News, doit créer du contenu destiné à être diffusé à...

The world of broadcast journalism is no longer just about TV or radio -- today, Global TV News Senior Network Correspondent Allison Vuchnich is also working on online and social platforms to maximize story opportunities. I recently had the chance to catch-up with Allison who shared her top tip for PR people, what her typical day is like and how she knows when she’s done her job as a journalist....

Cette année vous vous êtes décidé à ajouter des éléments multimédias à votre combinaison de solutions de RP et de communications. Excellente nouvelle ! Ajouter des éléments multimédias comme des vidéos, des images ou des PDF à votre communiqué peut augmenter considérablement l'engagement...

So you’ve resolved that this is the year you’re going to add multimedia to your PR and communications mix. That’s great news! Adding multimedia elements such as video, images or PDF’s to your news release can dramatically increase engagement.

At CNW most of us self-identify as “news junkies,” watching the ever-changing Canadian media landscape with great interest. When there is a breaking media story we turn to James Bradshaw, Media Reporter at The Globe and Mail for the scoop.


There’s nothing like the fresh start of a new year! Alongside your resolutions to eat healthier, get to bed by 10 p.m. and cut down on the coffee (good luck with that), why not create a few goals for what you’d like to accomplish at work this year? New clients, new campaigns and new objectives are a great time to think about what you want to achieve in the coming 12 months and make a few...


As we inch ever closer to a new year, we thought it would be fun to round-up our favourite stories from 2014! Here are the PR, media and communications stories we found Worthy on the Web this year.


News releases have long been the cornerstone of an effective communications campaign. Looking ahead to 2015, news releases will continue to play an essential role in getting the word out about a company; however, communicators will continue to use them in unique and innovative ways to expand the tactic’s use beyond that of traditional media relations.

If one thing rang out loud and clear at our recent CNW Presents… #TheNewPR PD session, it was this: great content is integral to successful integrated marketing and PR campaigns. With that said, there’s a heck of a lot of content out there – so how do you discern what’s effective from, well, the rest?

Having been a full-time employee for my entire career, I’ve always imagined the freelancer life to be pretty easy – working only on passion projects, when and where you want, and in yoga pants no less. However, I recently had a chance to chat with journalist Christine Wong who set me straight on what life is really like as a freelancer.

On Wednesday, Nov. 19th, CNW hosted our first half-day professional development event for our clients. Designed for communications and PR pros, we pulled together a line-up of top speakers from within media, marketing and PR to share their knowledge on “The New PR.”

Worthy Web

After six months of publishing Worthy on the Web each week, we’re trying something new and rounding up an entire month’s worth of good reading! Now you can look forward to our monthly Worthy on the Web columns, with the best reads in PR, marketing and media, which gives us the opportunity to dig deeper and share only the best.

TIM HORTONS - Tim Hortons #WarmWishes Holiday Cup Double Doubles

With the holiday season just around the corner, Canada’s favourite coffee chain Tim Hortons has introduced their annual holiday cups with an integrated PR and marketing campaign that is sure to double double their results!


It was a busy week around here! In between our Breakfast with the Media in Vancouver and our first-ever, half-day mini-conference in Toronto, (see #TheNewPR) we still managed to find time to read the whole internet. Here’s what we found Worthy on the Web in PR, media and communications!

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Every week at about this time we clean up our tabs and pull together a list of our favourite reads from the past seven days. Here’s what we found Worthy on the Web this week in PR, marketing and media!

changed the way we get our news. As a result, traditional outlets like a daily newspaper or broadcaster now have to consider how a website and social media properties such as Twitter fit into their distribution strategy.


When it comes to PR, communications and media news and views we’ve got you covered! Here’s this week’s round-up of what we found Worthy on the Web this week.


If there was one message that rang out loud and clear across all three of our recent Breakfast with the Media panels it was that journalists would prefer that you not call them. Many joked that the flashing red voicemail light is a permanent feature on their handset.


TGIF! Once again we’ve been busy reading the whole internet for you, so we’re looking forward to unplugging this weekend. Before you head out trick-or-treating tonight, catch up on what’s Worthy on the Web when it comes to PR, communications and media this week!


At the end of a tumultuous and heavy news week in Canada, we’re looking at accuracy when it comes to breaking news online and the changing state of the Canadian media in 2014.

Didn’t get a chance to join our recent Breakfast with the Media sessions? Want to watch all the action again? Now you can download full-length video of events in Toronto, Calgary and Montreal, where some of Canada’s top journalists described the current news environment and how public relations professionals can best work with them in the new reality.


We skipped our Worthy on the Web round-up last week to nap after our early morning Toronto Breakfast of the Media event. Speaking of which, we rounded up the 12 Things We Learned about Media Relations in 2014 from our Breakfast series, while Donna Papacosta captured the essence of our Toronto event with Storify. And, in case you didn’t have the chance to join us, check out the full-length video...


Over the past week CNW took our Breakfast with the Media show on the road, hosting events in Toronto, Calgary and Montreal. We assembled some of Canada’s top journalists to share what life is like the newsroom and how public relations professionals can work with them in today’s environment.


Measurement is an important but often underutilized piece of the complex puzzle of publicity campaigns. Measuring media impressions or the number of times a message was shared on social media networks measures awareness, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


In anticipation of our Breakfast with the Media event series kicking off next Friday, Oct. 3 in Toronto, this week’s Worthy on the Web round-up is dedicated to some recent must-reads on the state of media in 2014.

Each week we round up the best news and links from the world of PR, communications, marketing and media. Here’s what we think you can’t miss this week!


Media moves, media spend and media relations. Here’s what we found Worthy on the Web this week!


School is officially back in session which means work is too. If you’ve been head’s down catching up after a breezy summer all week, have no fear! We’ve rounded up everything that’s Worthy on the Web when it comes to PR, communications and media from the past five days.

Whether you’re looking to drive ticket sales and attendance, increase traffic to a webpage or garner media coverage, a news release is a great way to get the word out about your event. The next time you’re planning an event, include a news release or series of news releases in your publicity plan and use this checklist to make sure you include all the important components in your release!


Twitter seemed to dominate conversations on, er, Twitter, this week. So we’ve rounded up the best Twitter-focused reads for PR, media and communications types for our very first themed edition of Worthy on the Web.


Before you get a jump on your weekend, catch up on the week that was! Tabs ready? Here’s what we found worthy on the web in the world of PR, marketing and media this week.


If you’ve ever been charged with maintaining a media list, you know that today’s ever-evolving media landscape makes it difficult to stay on top of who covers what in the news. It also means that savvy communicators need to be thinking of creative ways to reach industry influencers outside of traditional media.


Didn’t get a chance to read all the things this week? Here’s what we found Worthy on the Web for PR, marketing and media types this week!


We have officially entered the dog days of summer. If you’ve been on vacation, or maybe just phoning it in this week, not to worry! We’ve rounded up the best and most important reads in PR, social media and communications this week.


It’s a long weekend! Catch up on what’s worthy on the web in PR, social media, marketing and media this week while you soak up the sun.


Here’s what we found worthy on the web in PR, media, social and communications this week. TGIF!

Did you know that July is anti-boredom month? Well it is. And it got us to thinking about news releases and how there’s really no excuse for them to be boring. To help prevent boring new releases from ruining anti-boredom month, we’ve developed a list of five ways to avoid being boring.


Everyone’s favourite time of the week is upon us! Before you clock out, catch up on the week that was in PR, media, communications and social media. Here’s what we found worthy on the web this week.


Before you head out for the weekend, catch up on the week’s best news and information in PR, media, communications and social media this week. From soccer to shareholder engagement, here’s what we found worthy on the web this week.


Even though the week kicked-off with a sort-of long-weekend and today only feels like a Wednesday, we still managed to comb through our Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds to round up the best news and information about media, PR, social media, marketing and communications.

Online news

Each week we read the entire internet back to front looking for the best news and information about media, PR, social media, marketing and communications. Back by popular demand, Worthy on the Web is our weekly link round-up.

Public relations and communications practitioners know there are lots of benefits to issuing a news release. From media coverage to SEO, they are the tried, tested and true backbone of the industry.

Our quick turnaround times are one way CNW stands out next to the competition. However, the format of the content you submit for a Social Media Release can help get your story out faster. Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re preparing to submit a Social Media Release.

In June I returned home from the National CPRS Conference in Saint John, New Brunswick with more than just a swag bag and a jar of pickled fiddleheads in my suitcase.


When I was a teenager I always loved the “what’s in your bag?” features in fashion magazines. Celebrities and editors would open up their purses and make-up kits to reveal the products, tools and trinkets that powered their day.


Does PR need a social media reality check? That’s the question we set out to answer when we launched the first Social Media Reality Check survey, in partnership with Leger Marketing, in 2009.


On Friday, April 15 more than 300 public relations, communications and media professionals packed the CNW Breakfast with the Media to hear Chris Hogg, CEO, Digital Journal; Anjali Kapoor, Managing Editor, Digital at The Globe and Mail; and Sarah Millar, Web Editor, The Toronto Star, discuss how news and communications have evolved. CNW’s president, Carolyn McGill, moderated the discussion.

Exciting news from CNW yesterday – CNW has adopted XHTML (eXtensible HyperText Markup Language) as a new formatting standard for news release processing and distribution across the Web and into newsrooms and financial centres coast to coast! Wait a minute, XHT-what?

It seems like an easy question and one CNW is asked often: when is the best time to send a news release? The answer, however, is frustratingly vague and every newswire, journalist, editor, analyst, broker and public relations professional will offer their own interpretation of “best.”

I don’t know about you, but each and every time I sit down to write a pitch I ask myself (several times) “is there any way this pitch might end up on the Bad Pitch Blog?”