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It’s that time of year when CNW channels its inner curmudgeon and cautions its customers against issuing prank news releases on April Fools’ Day. We do this for a few important reasons...


What’s on every PR professional’s wishlist for 2017? More media coverage, of course! In our award-winning Meet the Press series, we spoke with journalists, reporters and editors to find out how to facilitate the kind of relationships you need to get there:


After listening to a speech, have you ever asked yourself “What was the point of that?” Worse, have you ever been stopped mid-presentation by a co-worker asking “So, what’s your point?”


Investors are hungry for information about your company, particularly if they have a large stake in your success. Yet the days of mailing massive annual reports to each investor are long gone: websites and SEDAR, the online filing system, have taken care of that.


The pundits covering the U.S. presidential and vice-presidential debates have commented on the candidates’ ability, or inability, to pivot or transition from one topic to another in a seamless and conversational manner. Media skills trainers call this “Bridging” – i.e. building a verbal bridge from a negative topic to your positive key messages.


Mark Evans, a marketing consultant and author of Storytelling for Startups, has some helpful tips for getting some traction with your marketing, even if you’ve just opened the doors.

Business Pitching_highlight

Jeff Jones, Energy and Finance Reporter at The Globe and Mail, recently shared what he requires from PR pitches. “I don’t want excitement. I want clarity and context. I can come up with my own excitement.”


When a crisis occurs, be prepared for public scrutiny. Designate a senior leader or subject matter expert who can stand up for the company while the heat is on, whether it’s coming from investors, customers or reporters.


Rebecca Brown, executive director of social strategy at J. Walter Thompson Canada, shared her thoughts on this new, holistic era of PR.


Determining a budget for PR is more about risk analysis and managing expectations than it is about financial modeling. Executive teams processing PR budget requests need to think carefully through their organization’s need for the broad benefits of an engaged and empowered PR and Communications function.


We talked to Nick Cowling, North American President of Citizen Relations, about how good PR really can change everything.


If you’re looking to build brand awareness and boost revenue, ensure public relations activity is part of the budget. Today’s marketers should consider PR as a secret weapon for attracting customers, driving demand, and growing sales and profits.


When you’ve invested time and resources into a campaign pitch for a client, the last thing you want is for them to send you back to the drawing board. Taking the time to understand your clients and their needs before brainstorming can go a long way in meeting and exceeding expectations.


Throughout the long, dark journey of January we curated our way down many a social stream, clicked every link, read all of the articles, watched a dozens of videos and streamed more than one Bowie tune through earbuds at our desks. Here is a mere snippet of what we found worthy on the web in January.

A Guide to Working with News Photographers

The most-shared content across all platforms contains some kind of visual asset, whether image, infographics or video. It is no accident that we favour this format: Human brains evolved to be effective image processors because humans evolved to have eyes. It’s science!


As a senior executive, you might be too busy to give thought to statistically implausible scenarios. It’s easy to brush off the possibility that you may one day be thrust into a media spotlight. Your company might seem too niche to be of interest, or your operations just too well-run. What could possibly go wrong? Well, lots.


Amidst the chaos of the holiday season, we still found time to read some great stories this month. Check out our final Worthy on the Web for 2015.


A special holiday message to all our readers and subscribers.


We spoke with Saleem Khan of INVSTG8.NET about what it's like to be an independent technology reporter, where he likes to place his work, and how social media plays a role in his position.

WOTW November 2015

Gee, thanks November for presenting us with a cacophony of world news stories too tragic or political for sharing on WOTW. The good news is we still found many noteworthy items on the interwebs this past month that we can and did share with you.


Beyond the Wire attended a recent event with David Meerman Scott, author of the The New Rules of Marketing & PR, now in its 5th edition. David, an energetic, plain-talking marketing expert, generously shared his knowledge with us in an interview.

Worthy on the Web - October 2015

October was a pretty busy month in Canadian media. Feel like you missed out on some compelling non-election news? Catch up with our favourite finds from this month.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an investigative reporter? To develop the stories that impact legislation, instigate police investigations and effect societal change? We had a chance to speak to award-winning Toronto Star investigative reporter, Robert Cribb, in advance of his upcoming CNW Breakfast with the Media presentation in Halifax, about a regular day, his favourite stories...

Worthy on the Web - Sept 2015

September we hardly knew you. This back-to-school month always seems to sweep past, fuelled by the energy of fresh resolve, the delight of new projects and in this case, a total eclipse of a harvest moon that added exciting multimedia assets to the first days of fall. Also, squash! But what are the stories that sucked us away from our to-do lists and dragged us deep into the interwebs this month?

Cindy Pom Meet the Press

Cindy Pom covers and delivers local and national stories to audience across Canada. But fast-paced and and personal connections are what drive her day. Oh, and plenty of snacks throughout the day! We caught up with Cindy to talk about her how her day unfolds, what she’d like to see more of from PR professionals and her dream story to report.


Sometimes smart people are the worst. At writing, that is. In their attempt to sound intelligent they bore their readers with clunky, passive statements that do little to convey their message, no less their intelligence. Dr. Michael Sider, assistant professor, Management Communications at Ivey Business School talked to us about why this happens, and what smart people should be doing instead.

WOTW Aug 2015

So summer is over, more or less, but we’re still wearing flip flops off-hours and that counts for something right? In other good news, it’s time for our monthly round-up of things we found, read and “liked” online as we clicked and curated our way to September.

Graphic Social Realm_banner_EN

Sometimes the news that circulates on social media is just too much. It is at once too much by way of frequency and quantity, but also too much information: too many details shown or described, too much analysis, and too many “takes” by too many people.


In the world of measurement and metrics, it’s important to know the important data from the throw-aways. That’s why we talked to Rob Manne of Edelman Canada about the analytics that can help you uncover buried insights.


Data. It’s that ever-evolving thing that helps executives make better, more informed decisions. It’s that essential, plugged-in information that allows you to better understand your audience, engage on a personal level, and gain worthwhile insights into your business development. There’s no doubt about it—investing in a robust measurement program pays off.

WOTW July 2015

In case you weren’t watching, July has come and gone already and it’s time again for a round-up of things we found worthy of our available minutes this past month.

WOTW June 2015 EN1

June is a month of wrapping things up. Everyone it seems is trying to finish everything before a) the school year ends b) summer vacations begin and we lose each other to waterfronts or sports things or patio bars. Here at Beyond the Wire, we like to wrap up every month, June included, with a little look back at the things we read and learned.


PR friends, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? A client brings us a communications opportunity to be implemented next month. We rally and come up with an amazing idea for the website—really, the creative heart and soul of the campaign—and the client loves it! And everyone high-fives! And then IT says no.


As we head into another month, we wanted to share some of the links from around the web that caught our attention over the past few weeks. Here’s what we’ve been reading and what’s been popular on Beyond the Wire!

Peak bad news_highlight

The summer of 2014 presented a relentless onslaught of devastating world events. It was the summer of horrific plane crashes, terrifying abductions, scary contagions and unthinkable acts of war played out repeatedly in the media and across social media platforms. It was a good summer for news – or, a bad summer for news, depending upon your perspective.


As the month comes to a close, we wanted to share some of the best content from around the web and here on Beyond the Wire. Here are a few of our favourite reads and CNW’s top performing blog posts for the month of April.


Do you ever feel like you need a math degree to make sense of all the data you have access to? From Twitter analytics to media monitoring scores, it can feel a little overwhelming.


If it seems like you’re swimming in data these days, you’re not alone. More than ever, PR pros are turning to analytics to gain insight into current campaign performance, to help design new strategies or to measure end results. But are you using your charts and spreadsheets to your best advantage, or are the numbers distracting you from your real goals? In this two-part series, we asked...


When it comes to planning your media campaigns there are generally two types of outreach: when you have an announcement and when you have valuable expert commentary to offer on a topical event or issue. While these may be softer news topics – think back-to-school, holidays or tax season – they still dominate the attention of the media and consumers, and can be a great way to earn media...


CP24 is often the first place Torontonians look for breaking news headlines. With 24-hours of live coverage to fill, reporters and anchors like Nathan Downer are always on the run. We recently had a chance to catch up with Nathan to get the scoop on how a typical day unfolds at CP24, and why PR people need to be watching the news.


As Editor-in-Chief of Corporate Knights, a quarterly print magazine dedicated to clean capitalism, Tyler Hamilton wears many hats. In addition to managing editorial staff and freelancers, setting the story schedule, managing layout and the publication’s online presence, Tyler also writes for both the print publication and website – no small feat. No wonder he chooses coffee over beer!


The discussion within companies and certainly between agencies as to which group is best suited to manage a brands’ social accounts and programs has changed in nature, but still lacks a definitive answer.

abigail banner

Shrinking newsrooms mean that reporters and editors are doing more, with less. For Abigail Bimman that means that she’s not just anchoring and producing weekend newscasts for CTV Kitchener; during the week she’s acting as a videographer chasing stories in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area.

En raison de la réduction des effectifs des salles de nouvelles, les rédactions doivent en faire plus avec moins. Pour Abigail Bimman, cela signifie qu’elle ne fait pas uniquement présenter et réaliser le téléjournal de la fin de semaine pour CTV Kitchener. Pendant la semaine, elle est aussi vidéojournaliste à la recherche de nouvelles...


When the executive team of SEIU Healthcare (Local 1 Canada) embarked on a series of local, in-person appearances, they could have simply sent an email blast to their membership base and called it a day. Instead they opted to produce a video that would share the dates and locations of the upcoming roadshow while presenting the executives as people who would be easy to talk to and get to know.


When you curate a Twitter account featuring news media and PR news, it means you’re drawing from a resource set that provides an exciting real-time, world-view of emerging trends, memes and horrors, too. In the online world, even perspective can quickly lose perspective. So, in the spirit of maintaining a balanced view, here is what we found Worthy on the Web this week!


If it isn’t worth doing well, it isn’t worth doing at all. This seems to be the lesson that Google is reinforcing with ongoing tweaks to its algorithms.


PR Newswire’s Senior Creative Manager, Jamie Heckler has created the ultimate infographic for creating wildly successful infographics. Read the full blog post.


Once again, CNW is proud to sponsor the CPRS National Conference, taking place this year in beautiful Banff, Alberta. We sponsor numerous professional associations within PR, IR and journalism as a way to support our clients and audiences with opportunities for professional development and peer recognition.

Author Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing, and is the author of the ebook Driving Content Discovery. Follow her on Twitter at @sarahskerik. This post first appeared on @PRNewswire’s Beyond PR blog.

Today’s guest post is by Victoria Harres VP, Audience Development & Social Media at CNW’s parent company, PR Newswire. Originally published on Beyond PR.