4 Tips for Measuring Multimedia in Public Relations

Sometimes the best way to find answers to complex questions is to crowdsource for information. A great collaborative resource for communicators in their quest for knowledge is #measurePR, a monthly Twitter chat devoted to all things measurement. Hosted by @shonali of Shonali Burke Consulting, November’s discussion focused on how PR measures the success of multimedia content. To help add expertise, @martinwaxman of Martin Waxman Communications was a featured guest and provided his insight and experience on the topic. Many other communication professionals weighed in & provided their tips for measuring images, audio and video in PR. Here are the main trends discussed in the chat: 

1. Understand Your Business Objectives 
Before measurement can even begin, many people agreed that you need to understand what your goal is for using multimedia. Creating multimedia content requires an investment of time, resources and sometimes money. In the end, this has to be connected with a goal to determine what metrics are needed for measurement. 2. Practice, Practice, Practice 
Multimedia content is only effective when it connects to your audience in some way. There’s no silver bullet that will work every time, so testing is an important part of learning what resonates with people and where there is a disconnect. People on the chat agreed that if your multimedia content doesn’t hit the mark, it’s a good opportunity to go back and see what could be changed going forward.

3. Impressions Don’t Tell The Whole Story
Impressions can be a useful tool in understanding potential audience values. Many recommended not letting them be the only value you use to evaluate the success of your multimedia content. When combined with other metrics like social engagement, they can provide a more complete picture to see if you’re resonating with your audience. 4. Research Measurement Tools
Over the past few years, the PR toolkit has exploded with social media analytics for many of the major platforms. These analysis tools can be used to track external conversations or evaluate content on your social media handles. Understanding these tools was recommended by several of the #measurePR chatters as the tools continue to provide new engagement metrics.
If you’re a measurement junkie, I’d suggest following the twitter hashtag #measurePR and joining in on the monthly discussion. What are your tips for evaluating the success of your multimedia content? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @CNWGroup.

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